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Trillium specializes in helping customers using vacuum systems and related products in a wide range of industries. We offer new and refurbished products, as well as repair services supporting dry pumps, oil-sealed pumps, blowers, cryogenic pumps, cold heads, helium compressors, chillers and gas abatement systems. We provide service on-site or from one of our 3 manufacturing and repair centers in the USA and Trillium’s management systems are registered to the ISO9001:2015 standard.

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Recent News

Aftermarket support options for Leybold E250 and DK200

Trillium offers exceptional support for Leybold E250 and DK200 rotary piston pumps, which are commonly used in cryogenic vessel evacuation applications. Our team has developed a robust machined parts manufacturing solution for the shaft, slides, cam and gears for these legacy pumps, enabling Trillium to continue service and support whether you repair them in house or […]

The 3 best ways to utilize the M350 helium compressor

Have you ever been looking for a particular shirt or pair of shoes, but no one has your size? Well, that happens a lot when selecting a compressor to drive cryo pumps or cold heads. Until now…. The M350 is the only compressor on the market designed specifically to drive two 8” pumps or one 10” cryo. It’s […]

Upgrade your LAM etch chillers to modern tech!

Anyone who uses legacy LAM Etchers knows that their chillers are critical in ensuring high wafer yield for the fab. Sadly, the primary manufacturers for the chillers on these systems are no longer supporting this older technology. While we do our best to repair these old chillers, it is getting harder and harder to keep them going. Added […]

Aftermarket support options for Leybold E250 and DK200